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The Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation (OEIE) works with K-State Research and Extension professionals to support evaluation capacity.

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Ask the OEIE Evaluator

"Ask the OEIE Evaluator" is a regular series in the Tuesday Letter in which OEIE staff respond to your frequently asked questions about evaluation. Have a question? Email Kathleen Gary.

Previously on Ask the OEIE Evaluator

March 18, 2014: Where can I make program adaptions, while at the same time staying true to implementation fidelity?

February 25, 2014: What is implementation fidelity? What areas of focus can help me reflect on program delivery?

June 25, 2013: What should I take into consideration when presenting evaluation results to stakeholders?

May 14, 2013: How should I present my data?

March 26, 2013: How do I determine if there is a difference between two groups of participants?

February 12, 2013: How do I use Excel to manage and analyze evaluation data?

January 22, 2013: What professional skills will help me evaluate my programs?

December 11, 2012: How can I evaluate the impact of a website or electronic media?

November 13, 2012: How can I design an evaluation for participants with low-literacy abilities?

September 11, 2012: What strategies can be used to evaluate one-time or informal education events, such as educational exhibits at county fairs, health fairs, and community festivals?

August 14, 2012: How are logic models and program evaluation related?

July 17, 2012: How are logic models and program evaluation related?

June 12, 2012: How are program planning and program evaluation related?

April 24, 2012: What is the new KSRE Evaluation Reporting System?

March 20, 2012: What should I consider when collecting follow-up data from participants three to six months after the program?

February 14, 2012: What are focus groups and how can I use them to evaluate program impacts?

January 17, 2012: Should I collect data from individuals or from groups in my evaluation?

December 20, 2011: Should I conduct a pre- and post-test? Just a post-test? A retrospective post-then-pre? How do I decide?

November 29, 2011: Why and how should I sample for my program evaluation?

October 25, 2011: What are some resources I can use for measuring program impacts?

September 27, 2011: What kind of information is located on the Extension Evaluation Resources website?

September 13, 2011: How do I determine what extension programs to evaluate?

August 30, 2011: What are different methods to gather data and to evaluate a program?

August 2, 2011: What are survey questions?

July 19, 2011: What are evaluation questions?

Additional Resources

A selection of other websites that offer valuable information and tools for evaluation of extension programs.

Program Fidelity and Adaptation Sources about program fidelity and adaptation. These sources were used in the development of the March 18, 2014 Ask the OEIE Evaluator installment.
CYFERnet Search This program evaluation resources website has a multitude of resources that may be valuable to you, especially for programs for youth and their families. The site includes online tools to build logic models and online surveys, as well as a database of existing and validated evaluation instruments. CYFERnet Search supports the CYFAR (Children, Youth and Families at Risk) initiative.
Program Evaluation FAQs Several short and easy to understand FAQs regarding program evaluation posted by the eXtension Program Evaluation community.
Glossary of Evaluation Terms Definitions of commonly used terms in evaluation posted by the University of Wisconsin - Extension, 4-H Youth Development on their Evaluating 4-H Youth Development Programs website.
University of Wisconsin - Extension, Program Development and Evaluation The Evaluation pages of this website offer a wealth of resources for extension professionals who seek to evaluate their programs. Check out the Evaluation Quick Tips, Logic Model, and Evaluation Instruments pages in particular.
Penn State Extension, Program Evaluation A website designed for extension professionals with evaluation tipsheets, program evaluation examples from actual extension programs, and related resources. Under the Subject Index, you can browse by Special Audiences, including "Agricultural Audiences," "Seniors," and "Program Volunteers/Leaders."
The Ohio State University Extension, SAMMIE Successful Assessment Methods and Measurement in Evaluation (SAMMIE) has a series of online modules for extension professionals and others involved in community-based programs to learn about planning and conducting program evaluation. To access these modules register for a free account.
University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture (Extension) Program Development and Evaluation Resources: A comprehensive collection for evaluation resources for extension professionals, including many resources from other state extension programs.
Journal of Extension The Journal of Extension offer features articles about evaluation, most of which can be found with a simple search for "evaluation." In June 2009, JOE published a special issue focused on evaluation.
CYFERnet, Evaluation CYFERnet's Evaluation section offers resources to assist professionals in all stages of program evaluation and includes tips, instruments, and examples. The site may be particularly helpful to those seeking to evaluate outcomes for children, youth, and families.
American Evaluation Association The AEA is an international professional association for evaluators and the website offers many resources for others with interest in evaluation. The association includes the Extension Education Evaluation topical interest group, whose members focus on particular evaluation issues in extension.


This website is intended to provide K-State Research and Extension professionals easy access to information and materials for a variety of evaluation efforts. If you have questions about this website or seek additional support for your evaluation efforts, contact the OEIE office (785-532-5930). For more information about OEIE, visit our website.

Some of the materials found on and linked from this website may be subject to U.S. copyright laws. You may use, copy, modify, and distribute the documents developed by OEIE, including samples, worksheets, and presentation materials, for non-commercial, education, and program evaluation purposes. No resale use may be made of material on this website at any time.


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