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The Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation (OEIE) works with K-State Research and Extension professionals to support evaluation capacity.

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Collecting Impact Data
Analyzing Data & Reporting Impact
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Ask the OEIE Evaluator

"Ask the OEIE Evaluator" is a regular series in the Tuesday Letter in which OEIE staff respond to your frequently asked questions about evaluation. Have a question? Email Kathleen Gary.

Where can I make program adaptions, while at the same time staying true to implementation fidelity?

While we don't want to stray far from the developer's recommended program or curriculum implementation guidelines in order to increase the likelihood of producing the desired results, we recognize that many educators may face the tension of changing the program's content or delivery method to fit a particular need. Typical needs fall within population variations and program relevance or limited time and resources. More>>

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Evaluation Resources & Templates

Evaluation utilizes a variety of strategies to gather data and to assess program impacts. The following pages provide you with resources to assist in each step of the evaluation process:

  • The Planning Your Program Evaluation page holds several resources to help you think about the evaluation of your program and to develop the evaluation questions for you action plans.

  • The Collecting Impact Data page includes several samples of evaluation tools developed by PFTs.

  • The Analyzing Data & Reporting Impact page provides you with worksheets and samples that may assist you in preparing to analyze the data you've collected and develop a report from this impact data. Here you will also find a sample impact report, OEIE's Evaluation Capacity-Building Efforts with K-State Research and Extension.


K-State Research and Extension Links

The links on this page will allow you to easily move from this site to evaluation and PFT resources on the K-State Research and Extension website.

Additional Resources

A selection of other websites that offer valuable information and tools for evaluation of extension programs.


This website is intended to provide K-State Research and Extension professionals easy access to information and materials for a variety of evaluation efforts. If you have questions about this website or seek additional support for your evaluation efforts, contact the OEIE office (785-532-5930). For more information about OEIE, visit our website.

Some of the materials found on and linked from this website may be subject to U.S. copyright laws. You may use, copy, modify, and distribute the documents developed by OEIE, including samples, worksheets, and presentation materials, for non-commercial, education, and program evaluation purposes. No resale use may be made of material on this website at any time.


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